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IXORAA is one of the very few business enterprises in India who have successfully integrated and launched virtual CV for Clients using the latest CLOUD technology.
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Who we are

Each idea starts with a dilemma. Ours was uncomplicated and trouble free – hiring process is too slow to meet our diversified current needs, therefore, IXORAA Enterprise Pvt Ltd(IEPL) was born with two simple straightforward objective :

  • Accelerate the hiring process for all valued clients through saving time and screening “APT” resource using the state of the art Cloud technology and thus reduce the Lead time to Hire.
  • Help jobseekers across the spectrum to identify the best option based on their most relevant skills and fitment.

The concept of IXORAA was inspired by 3 individual from different industry in 2011. However it was not before 2013 we kick-started the operations which provided the founders with the impetus to launch on selective area of core competencies than being part of all verticals. Since the launch in June 2013. IXORAA is growing at a steady pace focusing more on different delivery models on specialized areas of skills.

IXORAA is one of the very few business enterprises in workforce arena within the demography of India who have successfully integrated and launched virtual CV for Clients and Candidates using the latest CLOUD technology. This platform helps Candidates and Clients to engage with each other smoothly without any intrinsic hindrance in terms of connectivity and have better understanding of role specification.

How we work

We believe in prudent relationship with our esteemed clients though meaningful research, network and execution capability which has enabled us to successfully place many critical senior level candidates across BFSI and Analytic Consulting verticals in last 2 years.

In addition to our clients’ search needs, we act as a dependable advisor on optimizing managerial structures and market intelligence on niche roles along with compensation trends

Why us

Expertise Group
Syndication of multiple channels
Resource Pool (Attract Retain Motivate)
Virtual CV or Video Recruit using the latest CLOUD technology

  • Avoid repeated scheduling conflicts by allowing candidates to attend interview at their place and time of convenience.
  • Savings in time, effort & costs associated with recruitment and interview process.
    • 20% to 30% reduced Infrastructure requirements as no of face to face interview required.
    • Evaluation cycle reduced from 3 weeks to 3-4 days and time per candidates is less than 10 minutes.
  • Potential saves to an organization of around 90% of its First round (L1) interview efforts which can further benefit them by utilizing 60% – 70% of the released hours effectively for other purposes.
  • Can be used for multiple mandates at any given point of time leading to reduction in TAT for HR and Business and allows sufficient bandwidth to evaluate relevant candidates.



IXORAA is created by bunch of energetic folks with a single minded focus of creating amazing entity both in thought and on reality . Our urge for passion & inquisitiveness drives originality in terms of delivery. Workforce Consulting is what we care & live each day for it. So its obvious that, most of us at IXORAA are execution minded professionals who beliefs in results and who break down large data into rigorous operational measure and we drive them like there’s no tomorrow as we believe that Never Say Never…as there is always an OPTION available for doing every thing.

Ipsita Sanyal – Managing Partner

Is the founding member and responsible for client engagement and deliver excellence.She is responsible for BFSI-Shares Services, Analytic and Operational Support.10+ years in HR & Recruitment Consulting across BFSI, KPO, IT & ITeS and specialist in Banking & Analytics.
Prior to IXORAA, worked as Lead Consultant for Industry Leaders like Citigroup,JP Morgan, Sapient, Deloitte,Barclays and RBS in a leading Mumbai based HR consulting firm.Worked closely with an Investment Bank to set up their Technology CoE in India and various MNC for Global Shared Services for Operation and IT in engagement with the Global Strategy Heads. She Loves to travel to exotic locations and is an avid music lover.

Sandeep Roy – Managing Partner

Primarily responsible for the overall PnL of IEPL , new business development and Research. He overseas BFSI , Analytics and Captives|KPO .Has over a decade experience in Wealth Management, Retail Banking and HR. Worked with various Domestic Banks and NBFC . Prior to IXORAA, has been associated with the Investment Management and Business Banking division of a leading Private Bank in Mumbai. He loves to travel and try new cuisines and watch movies.


Our team is supported and consulted by Industy experts who have specific domain expertise in their own verticals. These senior and seasoned professionals belong to various Global MNC with across the table work experience and exposure and have worked in Bluechip organsiation like – GoldmanSachs, JPMorgan, StandardChartered, TCS to name few.


These values will continue to be at the core of everything we do to help our clients build the best leadership teams


We hold and endorse the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.

Team Work

We believe in working as team and share knowledge for constant enhancement, learning and improvement on continuous basis. Ixoraa always take that extra step to help teams consist of different stakeholders to succeed. We always take pleasure in recognizing and enjoying the accomplishment of others.


IXORAA is empower to bring operational excellence through improvement and management control at all levels. We are accountable to fulfill our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and responsibility for commitments.